1998 Crown Victoria Electronic Temp Control


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Question 1998 Crown Victoria Electronic Temp Control

About 6-8 weeks ago heat began blowing out of my vents when the temperature was set on 60 Deg F. I also noticed that the lights on the MAX A/C and NORM A/C buttons were not working and wondered if the problem might be electrical.

When I took it in for repair $150 later, they were unable to find anything wrong after checking the system for freon and leaks. They said the heat door was stuck open blowing 90 Deg F heat regardless of the temperature setting and that somehow during the diagnostics the heat door closed and the system began working normally again. They said it may never happen again and that it would cost roughly $400 to drop the dash and replace the door.

Well it happened again today. I know next to nothing about auto repair and will not attempt to fix this myself. I would hate to spend $400 and find out that it did not fix the problem. Since the lights on the A/C and NORM A/C buttons were not working I wondered if the problem might be electrical. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any recommendations about anything I can do to unstick the door?
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The problem is most likely mechanical.
The vent door is controlled by a vacuum motor and linkage.
I have a similar problem with my Chevy and like you wasn,t going to drop $ 400.00 to have it repaired.
I hooked up a wire coat hanger directly to the vent door and concealed the hanger end inside of my glove box. When I want MAX AIR, I just pop open the glove box and give the wire hanger a tug which closes the door to outside air.

I works great !

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your reply. I wish I was that ingenious. I was hoping I could magically press a few buttons on the control panel to release the stuck blend door. Or hook my vacuum cleaner up to the exhaust pipe to blow it open... just kidding! ;-)

I called a Ford dealer to find out what they will charge... $550! This car has never visited a dealer, but I guess it would be better to take it to them even if it is more expensive, thinking that I stand a better chance of getting the dash put back together correctly with a Ford dealer than an independent that may never have dropped the dash on a 98 Crown Vic.

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