2003 Chevy Silverado brake job


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2003 Chevy Silverado brake job

I'm sure all you professional mechanics and/or more experienced "home" mechanics will snicker when you hear this question. But.... although I have done many brake pad replacements on different vehicles, I'm having trouble with this one. I can't get the caliper off to even get started!! What tool do I need to be able to get it off? Any other advice regarding any other trouble I may run into, please also give me a heads-up on that too.

Thanks much!
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There will be two smaller bolts on the inside portion of the caliper. Remove these two smaller bolts, and the piston should come right off. Usually these smaller bolts ahve like a rubber cushion past them.

You also can remove the two larger bolts, but it's not necessary.

Also, when you go to push the piston back into the caliper, remember to remove the brake reservour cap to relieve pressure.

Some people use a block of wood and a C-clamp to push piston back in. They also make a piston tool.

Some rear brake pistons require the piston to be screwed back in.
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Other than unbolting it???..........Newer domestic cars/trucks are starting to imitate their european brethren as to the rotors wearing out with each set of pads.........if you have big lips at the edge of each rotor, this could be your problem.......I use a big screwdriver to give the piston a little nudge in and the calipers usually come right off.....
As to the rear.........The parking brake is NOT incorperated into the caliper assy.................HOWEVER!!........There's a small set of brake shoes inside each hub in the rear......They have a tendency to drag and I've seen more than one Silverado needing rear rotors because of the parking brake.......Axle seal leaks can be problems too so give it a good look over before you close er up
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Thank y'all so much for the help on the brake job I had to let slide for a while! I didn't realize just how long until I saw the date of my question. I'm just now getting back here to check out any responses due to sickness among other things.

But I'm going to give it a go again this weekend. I very much appreciate the pointers and help and hopefully I'll get this brake job done! Can't put it off any longer.
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I had problems with mine on my 2004 as well......my problems were specific to the torx bolts that Chevy, in it's infinite wisdom uses on the inside of the assembly to hold the caliper on. I think it's like a 57 or 59 torx bit that you need......I'd buy a fewof these torx bits (I went through 3 just on my rear brakes alone), cause they splinter off easy, and you may wind up stripping the head(s) on the bolts themselves, which, if that happens, they'll require some VERY CAREFUL heating to remove........if I ever meet the guy who 'engineered' them.......back to the truck.........anyways, do yourself a favor, go down to your parts store and buy the allen wrench aftermarket bolts, so next time you'll save yourself alot of time and headache.


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