Power Window work?


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Question Power Window work?

How intense is it to replace power window motor and cable assembly on
2000 Grand Am SE, 2 door coupe, passenger side.
Question: Is this a do-able job for driveway mechanic? or will it need advanced skill to install parts an line up in track? Any special tools needed?

I can find parts for about $100 from parts store, I am comfortable doing brakes and tune ups on family cars.

Opened up passenger door panel in early December and wedged 2 X 4 blocks under window so it is locked in full up postion and disconnected electric window switch inside door. Before installing 9" blocking, I put window back into bottom clips that use to hold window. Window would only go up about 60% and stop, wouldn't close all the way up. Thats when I blocked it, an left repair till later. Son can drive car like it is, so far window is still tight from weather.
Thanks in advance for any advice or help.
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its not to bad of a job just take your time, a couple of pieces of duct tape over the top of the door will hold the window up and out of your way till you are ready to lower it.
some models use rivets that may need to be drilled out not sure on your model.
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It might have 1/4'' rivits. Those require a special larger gun, not the little one hander everyone has. Found that out on my 93 GA. Other than that not too bad a job. its helpful to have a second person to hold the window and such as you get it into place.
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I've done a similar job. After drilling the rivets, you can replace them with a nut and bolt, if you can find some the right size (low profile).
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If you nut & bolt it, get self-locking.
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Thanks for all the information! I have a much better understanding of what
a power window repair might involve.
I appreciate the help!

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