Check Engine Light diagnosis overseas


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Check Engine Light diagnosis overseas

I own a Ford Mustang 1990 GT convertible which I bought new in 1990. I love the car and brought it with me to South Africa in 1996. I have just had a complete engine and gearbox (automatic) overhaul at 150,000 miles at huge cost and a long time in the garage.

This is where the engine light came on and stayed on. The Ford franchised agents cannot diagnose the faults as the left-hand drive Mustang was never imported to South Africa. Thus while I have the downloaded codes of the OBC from the www I have no means to read them off my OBC. Any recomendations here? I do have a laptop and a modem. Is there any (inexpensive) software out there? Can I download the codes and forward them somewhere?

The only time the check engine light goes out is at 2,100 RPM in overdrive. This translates to about 61.5 miles per hour. Having just come back from a long trip, I can say by keeping in that range I could avoid having the embarassing glare of the orange light and also avoid having to explain to my wife why after spending $30,000.00 on the engine I have this horrible message.

Given the rpm and speed and the off condition of the Check Engine Light are there any obvious diagnoses? Oxygen sensors of the cats is my current diagnosis, but maybe someone out there can provide some really intelligent guesses?

My wife and I love touring or motoring but this light is a real bugbear.
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Here's some help, Rob:
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You can pull the codes yourself with just a volt meter
I like BAT's DIY site that T_G posted

I dunno about the speed and RPM thing
It's not supposed to do that

You need the actual codes
Post them up and we can see what they tell us
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Check Engine light overseas codes

Hi Guys and thanks.
Using your system we broke into the Mustang 90 convertible's OBC. The code was 64 which is the Air Charge Temperature sensor. The part was gummed up. WE have tried to clean it with carb cleaner but no effects.

So next stage is to import the sensor, part no E4AF12A697AA

Is there anything else we can do to revive the part?
The car is driveable.


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If you're sure you cleaned the ACT (as opposed to the MAF), then it's possible there's a short in the circuit
Other than that, the ACT is DOA and will need to be replaced
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Check Engine light overseas codes final post

Hi Guys:
thanks entirely to this thread, I can report total success. My autoelectrician re-cleaned the ACT and reassembled. The check engine light is now off and stays off. It comes on for the POST, but everything is now running sweetly to spec.

And MOST IMPORTANT my wife is now enthusiastic about the Mustang. We will be driving to Namibia in June in the Mustang. No more embarassing questions about where did all the money go on restoring the engine if the Check Engine is on all the time.

Now I am all excited about restoring the car. I will be posting about my quarter window alignment.

But thanks to all of you.
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Sounds great MustangRob!

If you have a moment, and haven't already done so, please consider registering your GT over at the Mustang GT Registry
They are trying to collect as much info as they can on the Fox Body GTs for present and future collectors and restorers
(I'm sure they'd love pics of the Mustang's vacation in Namibia too )
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Air Charge Temperature Sensor problem again from South Africa

Hi Guys I am back:

I spoke too soon. The Check engine light came on gradually and finally stayed on.

I decided to follow the advice and accept the ACT sensor was dead on arrival. Then followed three months after which I received the new Ford Part and proudly installed it.

I then disconnected the battery overnight and started up next morning.

After some flashing the Check Engine Light came on and stayed on.

Conclusion one:
The ACT sensor was right all along and code 68 should be taken seriously i.e. air temperature is above 250f. Do not know what to do here. Engine has been completely rebuilt.

Conclusion two: some thing to do with the wiring....

Any suggestions


p.s. Now I read this: Dang!

"These codes are kept in memory for 40 warm up cycles. To clear the codes for purposes of testing or confirming repair, perform the code reading procedure. When the fault codes begin to be displayed, de-activate the test by either disconnecting the jumper wire or releasing the test button on the hand scanner. Stopping the test during code transmission will erase the continuous memory. Do not disconnect the negative battery cable to clear the codes; the keep alive memory will be cleared and a new code (19) will be stored for loss of PCM power."

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