Ford Explorer want stay idle

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Angry Ford Explorer want stay idle

i have a 1993 Ford Explorer with about 2 hundred thousands miles on it right now as of lately when i start it i have to keep pressing on the gas to keep it idle and when i release the gas pedal the engine go dead and i replace the spark plugs and still do the same thing
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I suspect, with that many miles on it, the intake vacuum has been compromised by the wear of the piston rings/cylinderwalls and the intake valves that let the compression back into the intake on the the compression and power stroke. Vacuum leaks at the intake manifold and any of a number of vacuum hoses should also be checked for leakage.

You can try a complete tuneup with PVC valve and injector cleaner - both of which would likely help. Make sure you have good fuel in it. Also you can set the idle up on the throttle to help offset the engine problem.

I think you're probably be headed for some major engine work to get it back into great shape.

Hope this helps,

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Probable inop IAC motor.............and a good throttle body cleaning ...........Injector flush wouldn't hurt either
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vacuum leak? egr?

make sure all hoses are in good shape and tight?

how did the plugs look? all 6 about the same? w/ light grey/tan electrode tips? remember you only care about the tip. if yes to these, your problems are minor.

all the wires and cap and rotor look good?

no CEL?

make sure the big hose from the air cleaner to the throttle is tight and crack free and all hoses connected are good. Take them out and look very carefully in full sunlight. Bend it and look for leaks.

oil filler cap on?

take off the exhaust pipe to the EGR valve. Put your thumb over the hole in the egr valve and have someone start the car. If you feel vacuum and it idles, your valve is stuck open.

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