1972 VW Super Beetle choke adj.

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1972 VW Super Beetle choke adj.

The choke on my '72 Beetle is shutting down before the car is warm causing rough going till it's warmed up. Does anybody know how to adjust the choke?
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Try: http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?ForwardPage=/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/20/a3/77/0900823d8020a377.jsp
may be of some use.

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stock carb? new to carbs?

Since you are asking a very simple question about a car that requires valve, point, and timing check/adjustment every 3,000 miles, I wonder if this is car is new to you. If so, get a book and learn to do the maintenance.

Maybe you are new to carbs and chokes, since they have been out of the US market for 20 years. Do you set it correctly? Before you turn the key push the gas pedal slowly to the floor. Let up slowly on the gas and then with foot completely off the gas start the car.

When the car starts, run around to the back and feel the choke heater is should be cold but quickly warm-up and be hot in about 2 minutes. The choke heater is the round metal and ceramic thing with one wire going to it opposite the side with the throttle cable. Do you have fast idle? The stair step cam initially should be on the highest or second to highest step.

If the choke does not warm, check for power with the key in run. If you have power the heater is broken and someone may have adjusted it to eliminate full-time choke.

With a stone cold car, remove air cleaner and look down carb throat. The top flap is the choke plate. It should be open all the way. Pull all the way down on the throttle lever. The choke should now be about closed. Turn the key to run but not start. The choke should gradually open. When the choke heater is hot the choke should be open. Adjust by loosening the screws that hold on the heater. Usually 3 screws hold on the heater and you rotate the heater. When it is hot, turn the heater so the wide open choke just starts to close and then turn back to open it up then tighten the screws. Let it cool a couple hours and then open the throttle. The fast idle cam should be on the highest step and the choke should be closed.

You only need choke to idle not to drive. Some people disable them entirely. The car should warm-up with driving quickly. Carb icing is a problem with these cars unless the original set-up is in place and working. Also make sure your heater says 12V not 6V. I think all vw’s after ’66 are 12V.

Good luck and write back with your results.

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