1988 dodge aries rocker arm issue


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1988 dodge aries rocker arm issue

i have an issue with a 1988 dodge aries 2.5L. everything was fine and i started to overheat one day. coolant was low so i added some and all was fine for a few days. i put on about 150 miles a day city/hwy. i am noticing that the fan may not always run when hot.(yes fan ok runs when air conditioning is running). i changed the thermostat also. still looses coolant, but not sure where. (does make boiling sounds to the overflow when shut off and hot) on a cold restart about a week ago, it was missing horribly. checked it out and had a very bad distributor cap. (arcing all over inside, no center nub left. replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor and it was backfireing thru air intake. remove valve cover and found the #3 exhaust rocker arm "fell out". cam and timing chain looked fine, re-installed the rocker and all well for about 1 week. went out today and started it and found that ran extremely rough. pulled the valve cover on a hunch and found the intake roller of #3 was now off. have reinstalled and will see what happens next.

any ideas on where to look ?

thanks in advance

Jim r.
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your probably burning coolant as this engine is notorious for cracking heads and if it misses for a few seconds on startup after setting for a while its probably due to the antifreeze getting in one or more cylinders.
as per the rocker problem you have to have something worn causing it to come out would mic the cam lobes check the rockers for wear, valve springs etc.
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I don't mean to sound facetious, but driving 150 miles a day on a 20 year old K-car you should probably start looking at the classified ads.

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