94 s-10 blazer, A/C Compressor problems

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Unhappy 94 s-10 blazer, A/C Compressor problems

94 s-10 4.3 4x4 4door vin W.

The AC does not work, and the AC compressor makes a squealing type noise, similar to a bad bearing sound. I was told that the compressor is bad and needs to be replaced.

So, I have been shown a couple of options, I am looking for some advise.

1) I can get a compressor from a 92 blazer for 50 bucks, but I have learned that I will need to charge it with R-12, which is what im running, but R-12 is 65/lb. looking at $300-400

2) I can buy a remanufactured AC compressor charged with r134 for $178 from Advanced/Autozone/NAPA, But then I will have to convert my existing system in my truck to r134. $450-750

3) Or, I can purchase a AC bypass pulley for 27 dollars, and slap that on. But I was told I will loose the ability to defrost my windshields. I live in virginia, where summers dont go above 90, and winters dont go below 30 (usually) $27

Is there a difference between defrosting in the winter and the summer? This morning it was 17F, I had fog on my windshield of course, and by selecting the "windshield" option on the climate controls and turning heat on the fog went away. Although the AC compressor never did catch on.

And is there anything I should know about putting the pulley on? Can I bleed the system myself, or should I bring it to a AC specialist, and let them suck it out?

And is it just me, or does everything that needs to be done to this 94 blazer cost an arm and a leg. My girlfriend has a 93 celica, and just from common knowledge thought foreign cars would be more costly, but not so. I love s-10 blazers, but this just pushes me more and more to a toyota pickup.

Steve in Virginia
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are you sure it has r 12 most 94 models had r134a might double check the sticker under the hood but at any rate it is an expensive repair as other components need replaced like the orfice tube, accumulator/drier and the system probably needs flushed to prevent any new compressor from failing.
as per defrost you probably wont even notice a difference other than it wont be cold it should defrost your window fine.
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The A/C system helps the defroster by removing the moisture from the air which is then heated and blown on the windshield; it makes sense - dry air should clear a windshield faster, and it does. Without your A/C system working, defrost will still work, but not as well as before.

A/C compressors aren't shipped 'charged' with freon; the A/C system components are assembled onto the vehicle and then the entire system is evacuated (a vacuum is pulled on the system) to get all the moisture and air out, the system is checked for leaks, and then the proper amount of freon is cherged into the system. If you don't have a refrigeration vacuum pump and the proper gauges and tools, you should let a pro do this.

The bypass pulley is a workable option to a replacement compressor.
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Looks like im going with the pulley for now

I decided im going to put the pulley on there. I dont have enough cash on me to repair the whole thing, considering I need a couple more things done, like transmission seal and oil cooling lines. I can always put a compressor back on there and convert it.

The compressor is made by Harrison, and it says R-12 type compressor, R-12 coolant.

I will just rub some anti-fog on the windshield, and carry a rag around with me. lol

Thanks for the advise, too bad not many people replied.

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