Legend Milage

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Legend Milage

I own an 1988 Honda/Acura Legend in Australia. the car has been siting in the driveway for most of the time. I haven't driven much, the last time I filled up was 2 months ago. I gave it a full tank, and now its I done 100 miles and its on a quarter tank, which is meant to be 60 litres. Something is wrong because people say that legends get alright economy. I changed the oil last week as well. Some symtoms the car has are a small oil leak from an unknown cause, and a tapping sound and spark like noise in the engine. It also has a big dent in the muffler. Any help on my problem would be much appreciated.

Also would it be worth changing to gas as petrol is expense in Austraila.

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Not sure about downunder, but our gas loses its potency quickly. 30-60 days and the stuff still works, but smells terible and sometimes won't even start, and it gums up everything. Add some fule system cleaner and see if that doesn't help. And if the car will be sitting often, add Stabil(a gas stabilizer) to the tank.
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Think about the timing belt as one possibility. A Legend should have it changed by 100,000. The spark noise you mentioned could be a spark grounding out.
You can usually see those in the dark with the engine running.

The tapping sound probably is a lifter. If it's stuck you may want to do an oil change with a flush to shake it loose. Or if it's leaking badly think about getting it replaced. Replacing one usually means replacing all of them.

Mileage on those, open road would get about 22 to 25. In town around 14 to 16. Keep in mind a lot of short trip driving would take those numbers way down.

Those who have owned them have loved them. I believe they're the predecessor of the 3.5RL.

Hope this helps,

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Does it have a gas door locking mechanism or a locking gas cap? Just wondered if you might be supplying neighbors who have a syphon hose.
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you filled up 2 months ago ? that's your answer right there , use fresh gasoline and go from there.

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