need help with 49cc engine


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need help with 49cc engine

I just recently bought a used one of those pocket bikes. It must have sat for a good while because the tires were flat where they sat on the tile in the persons house. Its a 2006 and in great condition. I picked up when I was working so I didn't have a chance to play till I got home. The manual says it is rated to carry up to a 250 lbs person. I startd the bike up with no problem but when I get on it goes no where. I had it at full throttle and I could easily hold the bike back while I was standing there. It seems like it has no power. any advice? thanks Ron
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A 49 CC engine wouldn't have a lot of power, but I have an idea of where you're at. If the engine revs up, but you go nowhere it would be in the drive train, which in that little beast would likely be a drive belt on a centrifugal clutch.

The belt could have gotten lubed with something and is slipping or the clutch pulley itself may be stuck and not coming together as the rpms go up.

There may be other types of power transmission in those little bikes and those would have other possibilities.
** Just researched those a little. The most common drive is the chain drive with the centrifugal clutch. If this is your setup up the clutch is worth looking at.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Bob for the advice. I got the engine running and it pushes me well. I am a big boy and thought that it wouln't have enough power to push me, but it does. The carb had a lot of build up in it that I just had to blow out. I have a new problem now, maybe you could advise me on. It ran great for one day I rode for about 30 mins till it ran out of gas, then I had to go back to work. Now it will run for about 10 mins great, then it just stops. I can't crank it back up for about 24 hours or so. I thought that maybe the spark plug was fouled so I changed it. It did the same thing so I checked it again thinking that my big butt was fouling it out. The Plug is fine. any help?

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