Please, where is my turn signal flasher?1994 Chevy baretta


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Please, where is my turn signal flasher?1994 Chevy baretta

We've found the flasher for the emergency flashers, they work. Turn signals don't. he has also pulled out a little white square box with three prongs. got three different ones of those from auto salvage, that didn't work. Believe that is a relay switch. Where is the turn signal flasher? thanks.
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it can be hard to find, can give you a general area to look for it, remove the cover from under the drivers side dash get a light of some sort so you can look around it should be under the drivers side dash somwhere often it is mounted using a clip to a metal part of the dash or steering column. it should look like a regular round 2 prong flasher either metal or plastic
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you could have a light burnt out to, my beretta does that all the time when and light goes
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The white relay you pulled out is probably your horn relay. On most GM's the turn sig. flasher is located under the dash somewhere around the steering column, or the upper kick panel on the drivers side. Another trick is if it will click at all you can use the sound to help locate it. Hope I've helped ya'. MAXCHEVY

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