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Lightbulb what's the problem

I'm new here so please be gentil. I have an '87 ford ranger with a 2.3L four banger. The problem is that it was sitting for five years before I got it. I have since changed all the fluids, flushed the fuel tanke and hopefully the lines by now, and changed all the filters. When I go to start it I have to pump the throtle vigerously to keep it sputtering for a few seconds before it dies. I get good spark, my jets are working well, I think, and I've replaced the oxygen sensor with a new one and the computer with one used but I know for a fact that it worked before it was in this truck. some one sugested a map sensor problem but I was hoping to avoid that problem till later if I could seein as I'm a little short on cash at the moment. Also, on another subject, I want to make a trailer out of an '88 ford one-ton dually and wanted to keep the cab on it as a storage slash tack room. Would that be a good Idea or am I doomed to failuer on that project. Thankyou
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check your coolant temp sensor,if it is reading that the engine is allready warm then the computer will not inject enough fuel to preform start-up.
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First things first
Pull the codes

The EEC-IV computer of this vintage can store many trouble codes w/o firing off the Check Engine Light

DIY it with a voltmeter:

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