spare tire wont fit...exactly


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spare tire wont fit...exactly

I have a 2001 ford f150 that I bought without a spare. It has 17" wheels. I thought I could use my spare from my 1994 f150 with 15" wheels. It almost fits. Almost. Can I open the holes up a little to make it fit? Or will that ruin the wheel? also, the mechanism that holds the spare tire in place is frozen. Can I fix it or should I get a new one? Thanks.
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Don't mess with the rims. These are highly engineered safety items. For example, on steel rims, you'll notice the mounting holes bulge out a bit. That's so they act as a belleville spring to maintain proper tension and clamp load on the wheel stud when the lug nut is torqued down.

Get the proper rim from a junk yard. Get a used tire for spare from either the junk yard or a tire dealer. Use PB Blaster to free up whatever is stuck in the spare tire holding machanism, then treat with an antiseize compound so you have a workable spare when you need it.

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