Thump/Clunk when turning wheels all the way


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Thump/Clunk when turning wheels all the way

99 Dodge Dakota R/T

I recently replaced:

all control arm bushings
all ball joints
all shocks
all brakepads
sway bar endlink bushings
tierod ends
passenger side flex brake hose
passenger side caliper

Everything went back together nicely, however, i noticed that when i turn the wheel all the way that i hear a clunk or thump noise. I checked the clearance and everything seems to appear ok. It sounds like the wheel is slipping or something, like when you cut your wheels while parked on ice. I torque'd everything down to spec and re-checked it all once already.

I'm getting brake drag on the passenger side where i recently replaced the caliper and hose. It pulls the truck to that side and also gets hot when driving for short periods of time. You can also feel the drag when spinning the wheel hub by hand. I do not see a kink the in the line anywhere, and i traced it all the way, even the hard lines. Pins and pad slides are greesed properly. I only bled the front two brakes, i believe the master cylinder might have gotten some air into it given that my reservoir did run dry for about 2 days(plug came loose and fluid drained). But, my driver side caliper is fine.

I'm thinking that the brake problem might be a defective replacement part(caliper or hose).

Any sugestions? How do i diagnose the clunk when turning? I do not have any ramps to use either, just stands. oh yea, and the clunk/thump only happend when the full weight is on the wheels.
Is it possible i hosed the inner tierod while changing the outers?

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did you bleed the brakes after?
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I bled the front two.
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I was getting a thump or snap when i turned my wheels. It was on the drivers side, come to find out my caliper was hanging up. Just a suggestion.
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I think it might be the brakes on the drivers side. As i mentioned, i replaced the pass side caliper and didnt do the drivers. I was told by a few ppl that i should place them together. I will try replacing the rotors to help with the drag problem on the pass side as well as the caliper on the drivers side to see what happens.
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It is probably the wheel/hub bearing assembly on the side with the dragging brake. Jack up the truck and grab the top of the tire and try to move it in and out.If there is no movement, take the caliper and rotor back off and see if the hub turns freely, or if it feels rough. if this is bad. the only thing holding your wheel on is the caliper, and driving it can ruin the caliper,rotor,and even the spindle.

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