Defrost Vent will Not Open On '96 Suburban


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Question Defrost Vent will Not Open On '96 Suburban

The vents will switch from heater to panel and work great and blows hot. Trouble is, when switched to defrost, Nothing. Can hear heater motor but nothing comes out of the defrost vents. Checked for obstructions and nothing.
What would cause the defrost vent to not switching over? Any Suggestions?
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If I remember right, the doors that divert airflow on these heater boxes are controlled by small servo motors. You probably have a bad one or the linkage or wiring has come disconnected.
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I remember with a Suburban having to remove the plastic thing from the vent near the floor near the driveshaft tunnel and jamming a screw driver to keep a flap closed for the heat to go to the defrost in order for us to see with a clean windshield.
I could barely get my fingers up there to feel the flap after I took off the plastic gaurd but I could if I tried.
I forget how I fixed it now, or if I did. It was on my fathers Suburban years ago.
Just one possible cause to look at

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