1986 chevrolet suburban 350 wont start


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Unhappy 1986 chevrolet suburban 350 wont start

Wifes 1986 Chevrolet suburban 350 wont start, I have power to every thing, lights, horn radio. But turn the key to start the truck and nothing happens. She won't give it up.So any help would be greatly appreciated.
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ok so engine turns but won't fire up ? or it doesn't turn at all ?
check batt terminals, check wire to goint to starter, maybe a bad starter too.
check ecm unit, they go bad after a while.
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If engine does not turn over test the fire at starter post, the big post always has power the small post has power only when key is in start position. There is a fuseble link at the starter, u can pull on the wire and if it stretches like a rubber band its bad. Also nuetral safety switch could be bad. U can try putting the vehicle in nuetral and start it. U may also try jumping the starter from big post too small post. starter is not controlled through any type o computer ECM, PCM or BCM.
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1986 chevrolet suburban 350 wont start

Thanks for the quick response, it was the solenoid sticking. Never gave that a thought.

Thanks Again

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