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Last month I had posted with my alternator problems with my 92 Chryler New Yorker Landau w 3.8. Put a new alternator in and the first one I put in short circuited from the inside and blew out my fusable link so then I had to do that again and replace the fusable link. SO I put a new one on again and right from the get go it didn't seem to be right, it would charge the battery fine but when I pulled to a stop or (idle) the guage would frop down to about 1/2 and things would start to get dim, as soon as I step on the gas it goes right back up. It kind of went in spurts good one day not so good another day. Well last night I was out and it dropped just below half, this morning right back up to charged but on the 15min drive to work it acted up an when I pulled into work even giving it gas didn 't budge the guage. So I am wondering if this alt. is crap too or is there something else I should be looking at? I got it at Autozone and their tester is broke so they could not test it for me. Any suggestions would be great because I am just fuming about now
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Sounds like you have either another bad alt or the wiring is wrong. Typically, your battery is just there for starting only, and after the battery is started, everything should run off the alternator except when more power is needed. I would definetly check your cables for the proper connection and servicability.
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Wink intermit. charge

On most CRYLS. products the voltage regulator is in thu computer,not thu alt. as in most other cars. I know these compuers are not cheap, but I have fixed quite a few of these babys withn a new computer. I know it sounds crazy but if you look in the wireing diagram you will see that the voltage regulator is in the computer.(SBEC)xxxxxxxx Master auto. tech. Master truck tech.,Been workin' on em' since 1972. I love guns, old trucks,old dogs &guitars in the state of FLORDA

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I have had a strange thing like this twice in 25 years of wrenching:the battery had internal plates broken loose, and when it went over a big bump , or a high g-force corner, the broken plate would fall against another and cause an internal short to ground. I burnt out 3 alternators on a Chevy one day before I changed the battery and never had another problem. The battery wasn't very old so I kept telling myself it wasn"t the problem. When I took it back to the battery store, they told me it was impossible.he almost ate it,literally, so since I wasn't getting any money back, I went outside around the corner, drained the acid in his parking lot, and went back in and cut the top off in front of him and showed it to him.I just left it on his counter and left.
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low voltage

might be to late for this but make sure the pulley r the same size

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