1996 4.3L s10 Disaster


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1996 4.3L s10 Disaster

I have a 1996 chevy s10 blazer 4.3L. It has had a problem with loping idle. Also it has itermitent stuck idling at 2500. It also has intermitent engine dies when stopping and accelerating. Also it sometimes runs a 1000 rpm's and runs rough when put into gear. It always does this stuff Intermitent. Problem is starting to get worse with time. Runs bad cold or warm. Also it has started to accelarate on its own, its a runaway. When put into gear it drives on its own, i dont even touch the gas pedal. Today i put it in gear and I got it up to 50 mph with out even touching the gas pedal. Iv checked fuel pressure, vaccuums, changed spark plugs and wires. Changed also the coil, throttle position sensor, idle control valve. O yeh it has no codes thrown. This is driving me insane.
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Most of the time you have hogh idle &rough runnin'on a fuel injected vehicle it's a vacuum leak, as this is how a fuel injected engine controls idle speed,with a controlled vacuum leak via the idle control motor(IAC). Does the prob. get worse when you hit the brakes? If so it may be your power brake booster leaking. Definatly sounds like a vacuum leak. One other thing it could be is ignition module,some times they will act crazy in many different ways.xxxxxxxx Master auto. tech.,Master truck tech. Been workin' on em' since 1972. I love guns,old trucks, old dogs, &guitars in thu state of FLORIDA

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Pull your EGR valve and check for carbon build up on the pintle.........4.3's are good for this

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