Car Jerking and stalling

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1989 Buick Century Custom, 2.5L fuel injected. Car runs good, but after it has been driven for about 45 min in stop and go traffic it starts giving me this problem:
If I make a turn and the speed starts dropping down (which it has to otherwise I couldn't negotiate the turn) the car starts to jerk, like it's not downshifting properly and sometimes it will stall out completely. Whenever, this happens I pull over and let the car cool for a few minutes and then it runs fine again. I have replaced the spark plug wires because I owned another car before and it sometimes would jerk or cut out and replacing the spark plug wires solved the problem, but not in this case. Can you give a clue as to what might be wrong?
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Whenever I hear one like this, I always want to grab my toolbox and check it out. But, let's think about engine load. If you put a sudden bind on an engine and lug it down before the transmission can react, you will get the jerking and the engine dying. I would consider the one system that is working the hardest and putting the most load on the engine when you are making that turn: power steering. I would suggest you put the machine on the rack and check the operation of the hydraulic slave on full left and full right turn. What I suspect is a check valve is hanging up and putting enough load on the engine to stall it.

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another possibility is your torque converter clutch solenoid is sticking, which would explain the sensation that the transmission is not downshifting properly. This is a common issue with g.m. cars. Does the engine restart in park or neutral?

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