please help me


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please help me

allright if you clicked on this i wanna start buy saying thankyou. my problom is that i have a 91 camaro and my headlights are not working except for the one on the far right on the passenger side but when i turn my brights on all the lights work. i dont know anything about cars except how to drive and i dont wanna pay money for new lights and find out that wasnt the problom. so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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please help me

It sounds like both head lamps are burned out on low beam and one on the diver's side is burned out low and high bean. Go down to the auto parts store and get two head lights and install it on the driver's side. Then check to see if it works, if so most likely the same problem on the passenger side with the low beam. If you can not install yourself take it to a shop and first have them check to see if you have power at the plug of the head light. If so all it is burned out head lights.
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cheap way

The cheap way is to swap the bulb from working side to non working side and see what it does. If your non working side now works replace bulb.
The bulbs have two filaments ( wires) in them one is for low beam one is for high beam.
From what it sounds like one of your low beams is burt out on the drivers side. When you switch to high beams light comes out of both sides because both high beams are good. I would replace drivers side bulb. If you have a four bulb system the outside bulbs are the low beams.

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