Lexus oil change?


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Lexus oil change?

Bought a 05 RX330 almost 3 months ago from a non-Lexus local dealer. It's time to do an oil change (and probably tire rotation). Since it is still under Lexus's basic & powertrain warranty, I'm thinking of taking it to Lexus dealer service for oil change and complete detailed inspection (including road test). Is this a good idea? I just hope that Lexus tech would identify any fix any problem covered by the warranty. Would they do a detailed inspection for free if I request it? The local repair shops I usually go to wont do any detailed inspection, or they would do it for steep fee.
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Since you did not buy this vehicle from the Lexus dealer, it is very unlikely they will do ANYTHING for free. They will charge every penny they can out of you.

Sometimes, when you bring your car into dealers and mechanics, and tell them to look EVERYTHING over, they will most likely tell you to replace all these different parts when in fact, they do not need to be changed.

An oil change at the dealer is ok, but be careful and wiery of inspections.
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If you take it for an oil change they usually do check all wear and tear parts such as belt(s ) , hoses, brake pads , etc.
Tire rotation and courtesy wash is also included with oil change at least here where I live, now it won't be cheap but not outrageous either.
Your car being a '05 will most likely be due for some tranny service, depending on the miles, among other things such as fuel and air filter.
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Lexus oil change

I hate it when people get on a forum and start a p------ contest but I must reply to the statement that most dealerships rip you off. I have worked in several dealerships as well as running my own shop. This covering 30 years. I never saw anyone in a dealership do any of this. There is no incentive for a mechanic to do this. The cases I have seen have been greedy independents. Go to your dealer,tell them what you want,and get a quote. Tell them if they do an inspection and find anything major to inform you before going ahead with repairs. And any good shop should be willing to do an inspection for you.

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retired wrench:
Who is in a p_____ contest here? Did I miss something?

Anyways, I've had issues with 4 different dealers over the years. I took one of my cars in to get warranty service for a power window issue. I had already diagnosed the problem myself, and it was a bad switch (i know how to use a mutimeter). I take it to the dealer and they said they have to replace the window motor and regulator. When I told them what the real problem is, they quickly back peddled.

My Maxima went in for a transmission problem, which had a TSB out for, and they told me I had to replace the transmission, but when I told them to look at the TSB, it says to replace solenoid.

It's issues like this which happen to hundreds of thousands of people at dealers among other private mechanics as well. The dealer is out to make a buck, plain and simple. If they don't get the work hours, they are gone.

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Most dealers are reimbursed by the manufacture for warranty work which was part of TroungKy question. As far as whether or not a dealer is honest or competent varies. There is no doubt that there are good dealers out there and it pays for someone who regularly buys new vehicles to patronize them. I also know there are new car dealerships that I will not go back to!
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lexus oil change

To hotinokc
What I was saying is that I didn't want to start one but I have heard for years about the crooked repair men and yes there are some out there but most are not. I could write volumes of how customers have tried to rip me off but that is ok I guess. Now you have destroyed my image of the folks in the nations and whenever I visit my daughter outside Lexington I will be heeled for fear of being ripped off. Now gather up some of that ice and put some Turkey in it and relax. Tom
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would say most dealers do not try to rip people off but im sure that there is a few as well as a few independent shops that do.
the biggest problem and this can happen at any shop or dealer is having mechanics that isnt really qualified to diagnose the problems wether it be lack of training or experience, so cars get misdiagnosed and by the time all is said and done the vehicle gets more parts put on it than what was needed to fix the problem to begin with. so it really comes down to who is working on the car.
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I would suggest that you call the Lexus dealer and ask for the service manager. He will be able to explain exactly what they are willing to do. If he thinks he might get your future service then it may work out for you.

I've never had any problems with letting the dealer handle the work I didn't feal comfy doing and have never felt taken advantage of. My mother has done the same for over 40 years.
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