Putting Oil twice a week, what is the problem?


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Putting Oil twice a week, what is the problem?

It's 98 Camry.
I need to put a tiny amount of Oil twice a week, because the dipstick getting 'low.' This problem started over year ago, Xmas-time, 2005.
However, there is NO oil-leak on the ground.

The Camry running real good, except this problem, ... needing to put oil twice a week, about 1/4 of a cup a week.

Wonder what is the problem?
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Oil useage, barring external leaks is usually in two areas - past the rings or past the valve stems.

The rings or cylinder walls can be worn and need replacement and reconditioning or the venting of the crankcase may be plugged (pvc valve) and the pressure is driving the oil past the rings. Or the oil rings could be sludged and stuck, in which case they would allow the oil to pass and be burned.

In terms of the valve stems, the guides may be worn or the stem seals could be worn out and the oil is going past the valves.

The V6 Toyota engine of late 90's/earlier 2000 had problems with premature oil useage. The 2.4 however has always been a pretty good engine.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the quick response. I truly appreciate it.

I brought the '98 Camry to the shop where they fixed 'Transaxle oil pan Filter & Gasket/Valve Cover Gasket the other day. So far, I can't see whether this
did actually fix the problem, as the shop didn't pay a close attention to my concern, ... needs to add 1/4 cup a week.

If this fix, above doesn't solve the problem, what do you recommend?

Thanks again.
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a '98 using 2 oz a week , 8 oz a month or a quart every 4 months is nothing I would be concerned about
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Personally I wouldn't bother to add oil until it atleast approaches 1/2 qt low.
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while we dont know how far you drive every week and how much mileage the engine has on it.
it doesnt sound like its using enough to be worried about and I also wouldnt add oil until it would hold atleast a 1/2 of a qt, its not uncommon for engines to use some oil especially if they are starting to get some miles on the engine.
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I agree with the others , you're overdoing the oil thing, check oil at every gas fill, don't add too much and wait until it actually needs 1/2 a quart or so,
remember to check with engine warm and car on level terrain.

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