Cranking problems


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Cranking problems

I have a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville and when I turn the key when the motor is cold, it hesitates for about a half a second then cranks ok. But after I drive awhile and the motor is warmer and I turn off the key and it sets for a little while and I turn on the key, it hesitates for 2-3 seconds.

If anyone knows whats wrong, I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
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Battery cables/connections or the starter itself. I would suspect the starter, but try cleaning and tightening the battery connections first, especially if either of the cable connections is one of those bolt-on repair ends; they corrode frequently.
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What I think you are saying is it take 2-3 seconds after you turn the key to start for the starter motor to engage. If correct does the engine not the starter motor leak oil around or on the starter motor? If so what could be the problem is that the oil has collected dirt and grim in the oil in the starter motor causing it to be slow to engage. The only fix for this problem is to pull the starter and disassemble, clean all parts. It would be best to take the starter to a re-builder in your area or have an amp draw done on the car while the starter is still on the car. It could be that the bushings in the starter are worn thus the starter needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

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