1992 Ford Taurus/ sputtering and stalling

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Exclamation 1992 Ford Taurus/ sputtering and stalling

I have a 1992 Ford Taurus which sputters and sometimes stalls when I press the gas. It does not do this all the time, but it happens when the car is cold, and has started happening more fequently when it is warm.

Any ideas?
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Way too many things that could gause this. One thing that comes to mind is the mass air flow sensor. It is mounted in the air cleaner inlet tube between the air box and the intake manifold. Sometimes you can unplug the electrical connector going to it and run the car till the "check engine" light comes on. Then drive the vehicle. If it runs OK the sensor is bad. These generally go bad from using poor grade air filters that don't fit the air box properly. Or the use of a performance air filter that has been over oiled causing contamination.
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When was the last time it had a tune up? Spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor? That's what the problem was when my vehicle did the same thing. It was a relatively cheap fix. Actually I did it in two phases. Changed the plugs and wires, which helped somewhat. When I continued to get the chugging and loss of power when accelerating, I changed the distributor cap and rotor and that solved it. Good luck.

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I agree with TOPTECH; the list could be fairly long. And Pecos' suggestion is a good one even if the standard tune-up items are ultimately not the problem. If they haven't been changed recently, do them; the engine will run better and more efficiently. Wouldn't hurt to run some injector cleaner through it and some fuel system drier (aka dry-gas or HEET) in case you have either a dirty injection system or possibly a littler water in the tank. Fuel filter change wouldn't hurt either.

On another note, which engine is in it (3.0L or 3.8L) and do you have any other problems generally, such as running hot, using water/coolant, anything like that?
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sounds like a dirty air filter or fuel filter I always start with the cheapest fixes and if they work great then it didn't cost you a whole lot.I would start by taking the air filter out ,can you see through it when you hold it up to light? if not try running it for a 5-10 minute drive with out the filter. just make sure it is not a dusty day if it still acts up then it is not the air filter. try by passing th fuel filter with a piece of hose test drive 5-10 min if it still acts up try spraying the mass air flow sensor with carb cleaner might as well spray the throttle body too well your at it. if that doesn't work check the distributor if it has one could be cracked or worn out.
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92 eh????......and a Ford????.........junk it (only kidding).............Does this vehicle have a mass air flow or a MAP sensor (or both????)..........Older Fords were good for MAP sensor problems. I'd also want to scan the coolant temp sensor and see if the temp reading agrees with what one would think to be normal......(cold at start up and increases as vehicle runs)........Of course, as the guys have said before me, never overlook maintenance.......It may not SOLVE the entire problem, but it can be a contributing factor......

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