New Brakes R Squeeking


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New Brakes R Squeeking

My son has a 2006 Pontiac G6, he recently had new brakes installed (month ago) and they continue to squeek. What should he do? He already tried slamming on the brakes over and over. Any Idieas??
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you can try a different brand of pads or different material such as ceramic, if you you know that its related to the brake pads.
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were the rotors resurfaced? I always suggest it although many folks do not. Even so, there is generally a break in period of about 1k miles. If the rotors were not machined, the surface is generally uneven (going from outer edge to inner edge) and the pads have to wear enough to make complete contact of that irregular surface. As well, there is usually a rust ridge at the outer and inner edges that the pads have to rub off.

Cheap pads tend to squeak more than quality pads. Poor brake jobs tend to have more problems than quality jobs.

When I used to do things like that for a living, as part of the brake job, I would drive the car enough to bed the pads fairly well. It consisted of heading down to Menard's parking lot and and doing about a dozen stops from around 30 mph. Stop quite firmly but do not lock them up.That provides no benefit. This needs to include several reverse stops as well.

If all else fails, return to the installer. I have had cases where the installer did not do a complete job, including cleaning and lubricating the slides. This can cause the pads to be held against the rotor enough to cause them to be ever heated constantly, which will generally cause squeaks.
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Excellent advice Nap.
The rotor resurfacing was my first thought.
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Check with your local auto parts store Autozone, Advance, etc; on a lot of auto's you can buy new rotors for a very few $$ more than having the old ones resurfaced. Have a nice day. Geo
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My wife's Subaru Forester squeaks after wet weather and the car sets over night. The car only has 26K miles on it and plenty of pad left. I think it is the metallic in the pads that cause the squeak. Backing down the drive with a little amount of brake clears up the squeak for the rest of the day.

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