1996 chevy s10 2.2l start stall, start stall?


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1996 chevy s10 2.2l start stall, start stall?

Got a chevy, start it up and let it sit there in park and it will rin all day. Drive it and not long after you see dash lights fliker and heater blow goes of relay in glove box starts clicking and then ol, nelly dies out. somtime 20 min somtimes 15min of waiting after it stalls she starts up and does it all over again. anybody anyone have any idea what it may be caused by? I changed plugs, wire, coil, relays [twice] checked all grounds, and all fuses. dunno what it is.
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Apparently you have the lights and other accessories on when you have the problem. I would disable them one at a time to see if the problem is isolated to one particular electrical slave. If simply turning them off doesn't get you anywhere, I would pull the fuses and disconnect the relays for the accessories one by one. Something should show. Likely a short in one of them.

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Check the catalytic converter. Sounds like it's partially plugged and restricting flow of exhaust when it gets hot. Same thing happened on my Saturn and I replaced twice as much stuff before figuring it out. Good luck.

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would probably start by checking the charging system then check battery cables both ground and positive cables at starter and engine then would check at any power distribution blocks that may be loose.

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