Replacing Windstar Air Filter


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Replacing Windstar Air Filter

I would like to replace the air filter to my 2002 Ford Windstar. I am not sure how. The filter is conical, and itís housed with a clamp around the housing. After I loosen the clamp, should I be able to separate the housing to expose the air filter? I tried this, and I am not sure if pulled hard enough. I did not want to cause any undue damage. I figured I should ask the experts. Thank you.
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I'm no expert, but I also loosen the clamps to the rest of the air inlet tube to the throttle body

The air inlet tube is somewhat flexible, and generally I take the entire left hand (engine) side or the housing out/off, along with the tube
-sometimes it pops out leaving the tube on the throttle body, which is fine too

That's the best way I have found to replace or really inspect the conical filter

It does take a bit of wrestling though, it doesn't just pop out/off
-or back on again

If you remove the tube to the throttle body first, it really gives you some working room, and it's easier to tell if the (1/2) housing is just stuck, or you haven't worked the housing clamp off enough

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