Heat Issue In 1994 Escort


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Unhappy Heat Issue In 1994 Escort

So hears the deal I have little or no heat coming from my car. I had the thermostat replaced and that did not fix it. The car seems to not heat up to temp right. My mechanic suggested I put a piece of in to block some of the heat from leaving the engine. That started to for for a bit but it losing its appeal not. Any one have any suggestions what could be wrong with my car?
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If the engine is "not" coming up to operating temp it is the thermostat. I have heard but not had the problem with after market thermostats no working properly if that is what your mechanic used. Does your car have a temp gauge or just an idiot light. If you think that the engine is not getting up to operating temp go back the your mechanic and see if he can check the operating temperature. Do not block off the radiator if you do not have a very good working temperature gauge. You could fry the engine.
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blocked heater core

Your gas mileage will be terrible if your car never warms up. Let your car idle for about 30 minutes and feel the top radiator hose is it hot and hard (pressure in system)? If yes, your car is hot. If no, and coolant is topped off and you have no leaks replace the t-stat. It is possible that the new one is no good, the wrong one or the mechanic took a phone call and spaced off putting one in.

If the car is hot, turn on the heater to the hottest setting and feel the heater hoses. These will be two rubber hose about diameter that go into and return from the firewall. One should be hot and the other cooler but still warm. If both are cold or one is much warmer than the other, you have a coolant blockage.

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