Heater Core/Hoses

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Heater Core/Hoses


I have a 1998 chrysler sebring jx. I think my heater core is shot. I get cold air while sitting at a red light after the normal operating temp is achieved.
I was told to check the heater hoses, they may be partially blocked. Problem is I am not sure exactly where they are in the engine comrpartment.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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The hoses will go thru the firewall on the passanger side. Heater core is more then likley behind your glove box.
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IMHO, your car is not old enough to have a blocked core or hoses, but I would have the hoses checked for rot, by someone that understands those things. First, check the coolant resorvoir. There are markers that tell where the coolant should be for hot and cold engine temps(white plastic tank labeled 'coolant'). Low coolant levels can cause the problem you describe. If the coolant is low, the next thing is to find out why. Coolant systems should not lose fluid unless there is a problem.
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It is unusual for a heater core to fail without leaking. If it is hooked up and the heater hoses not restricted, I'd look to a control problem. Just because the switch says hot doesn't mean it is actually engaged.
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Thermostat in cooling system likely stuck in open position.
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Visit this link for some more helpful information. I just fixed mine and it didn't cost me a dime to repair it.


Find the hoses, running through the firewall, to the core located behind the glove box. If one feels hot, and the other is cool, you likely have the same problem as I had. If you don't have access to an air hose, simply purchase a short piece of hose that is just long enough to loop to the necks of your heater core hose connections on the motor, once the hoses are removed. Start the engine back up and verify that you have no leaks. Tighten everything securely. Drive it to the nearest air hose, with a sealed pitcher of hot water, and back flush it!!! The hose that is the cold one will be the one you want to fill with water and blow through with compressed air. Drive back home, let things cool back down, and re-connect your heater core hoses to the engine, after removing the looped hose that you purchased. I'm no mechanic, but it worked for me!!! Just a thought. Good luck.

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