1992 Hyundai Scoupe


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My daughter's scoupe won't run. it turns over,has plenty of gas, good spark,plugs are in good shape but are dry. no gas smell another words it is not flooded.It is not getting gas to the cylinders. it won't even try and start. Any ideas?
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This is one of the few machines in the system that I have not worked on...but, engines are engines. If there is no fuel to the cylinders, it is a safe bet you have a computer shutdown caused by either the computer itself or any one of the sensors. You can convince yourself that the engine will start by putting a little starting fluid in the air intake. If the engine fires and runs (briefly) then you can rule out ignition, timing, etc. You say you have fuel so I am going to assume you do not have gas line freeze up. My first choice would be the MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure). If it has failed, the engine will not start. Second choice would be to check the cam belt to be sure it didn't jump a cog or two. This would put the engine out of time to a degree that it would not start.

That's my best guess based on the information you provided. Let me know what you find or come back if you need further information.

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It's always better to get a second opinion on these things. My advice is to ask Hyundai
about the problem. There is a website called the Hyundai Connection that has a chat forum. It might be worth your time to stop by.
Check http://www.t-h-c.org/intro1/

Hope this helps.

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Here's another web site for all hynundai. Note: must use MS-IE brower. Good luck!


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