rear struts


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rear struts

I just had rear struts put on a 92 Geo Storm. It seems to pull to the right now. Can the installation of the rear struts cause this? If so, how? I thought it pulled to the left or right because of the frontend. Thanks
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Most front wheel drive cars need 4 corner alignment and replacing any suspension component can affect the alignment.
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Many thinga can make a car pull to one side or the other..........Tire pressure??? make sure they're all even. Crown of the road??.......It's there and there's no fix for it, just gotta work around it. Misaligned belt in tire??? rotate side to side and see if the car goes straight or pulls the other way.
Most cars today don't have Caster/Camber adjustments.....caster being the alignment culprit in the majority of pulling problems although severely offset camber can give you a "tug" too................
The rear.........The back has no caster adjustment and camber will really have no effect on driving, other than tire wear. HOWEVER.........If the TOE adjustment on the rear is set to.........lets say toe out on the left rear and toe IN on the rt'll drive the rear left, which when added to the effects of road crown will give a sensation of pull right
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The tires are brand new. I had an alignment when I put the tires on. I had the rear struts put on yesterday and I noticed it pulling to the left. I didnt think rear struts would affect it that way. I knew front struts would have. I just wanted to make sure he didnt do something wrong when putting the struts on. thanks
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go back to the alignment shop and have it checked cars are aligned with the rear wheels so its possible that it could affect the alignment would deffinatly get it checked out.

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