2001 toyota tacoma runs rough at idle


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Question 2001 toyota tacoma runs rough at idle

I just purchased a 2001 toyota tacoma it has 38000, miles on it, I am the second owner. After running vechicle until it gets warmed up. It starts to make a dieseling sound. Also it only gets about 250 miles to a tank of gas, I have the 2.4 L, with a 5 speed manual tranny, 2 wd. Could it be that my catalitic converter is clogged up and is not throwing a trouble code ? Also when the truck is idleing it feels like it is missing but only after it warms up. Should I try giving the truck a tune up? Also exhaust has poor flow at end of tailpipe. Thanks for your time.

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It sounds like your throttle body needs cleaning. With use, deposits accumulate around the throttle plate and adjacent bore surfaces. This results in poor idle, especially when the car is warmed up

To clean, remove the throttle body and clean the bore and butterfly valve using carb cleaner (or throttle body cleaning spray) and a toothbrush. When clean, you should see an even gap of air around the butterfly valve. Disconnect the battery for a minute afterwards, to force the computer to relearn the new idle parameters with the clean throttle body. This is a no-cost maintenance item that needs to be done every 30K.

The other problem that can cause this is an egr valve with a leaky valve seat. To diagnose, find some way to block the egr gases, like slipping a sheet of metal to block the gases at a connection. If the idle improves, you've found the problem.

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