97 Aeorstar won't start please help!


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Question 97 Aeorstar won't start please help!

My 97 Aerostar 3.0L has developed a wierd problem. When it is cold (below -10 degC) it will not start. When I turn the key on, I hear the fuel pump relay click but do not hear the fuel pump. Also the light for the overdrive displays off. At first I thought the gas line was frozen but that isn't the problem. If I plug the block heater in for a couple of hours, it will start right up. Also the off light for the overdrive is not on and of course I hear the fuel pump when the key is first turned on.

Any ideas what might be causing this? It runs great after it starts.

Thanks in advance
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That's only about 14 degrees, which isn't usually block heater cold.

Most cold start problems are attributed to the water temp sensor (for the computer, not the gauge). That's a possibility.

Of course if you have a weak fuel pump or a failing pressure regulator on the fuel rail you would also have cold starting problems. Both of these can be checked with a gauge.

Since you say it runs fine after starting, though, I would lean toward the temp sensor.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the info Bob. Any idea where the temp sensor is located on the engine?

I have a feeling that this may be the problem as it is defiently affected bu temp.

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Here you go, ron:

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Thanks Tow guy

Now I am a bit confused. Your link talks about a switch on the rear of the engine that connects to the Y pipe and another in the top of the engine block (ECT Sensor). What I read in my Chilton manual is there is a sensor on the front of the motor just before the intake (ECT Sensor) and another sensor for the temp guage near it also.

Any idea if this is the same?

Wondering what the difference is
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I changed the Temperature Coolant Sensor for the computer. The van still has the same problem. If I warm up the sensor, it will start otherwise the same problem is still there.

Now I am list.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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