1993 Pont Grand Am Parking Brake Issue


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1993 Pont Grand Am Parking Brake Issue

I have searched the threads in great detail and this problem seems to not be there.
My daughter just purchased her first car, a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE, 4 cyl. 5 speed tranny. We have repaired or serviced all regular needs to have a baseline, but I am having a problem with the parking brake.
When I step on parking brake, it ratchets and goes to the floor with some tension, but does not arrest the rear brakes.
A. I view under the rear axle while she applies P brake and I do have movement of both brake cables, but not enough to stop the car
B. I removed both rear drums and attempted to adjust rear drums, but even one click applies too much pressure on the shoes to replace drums, so I returned the adjuster back to where it was
C. There is no adjusting nut on the rear P brake cable (no yoke) and no adjustment in the pedal assy.
D. The pedal assy appears to be working correctly and no visible broken parts.

I have googled and searched for this issue and cannot find a resolution. I have ordered both Haynes and Chiltons from Amazon, but there not here yet and I am hesitant to let her drive it without the ability to park it safely.

Is there another place to adjust the cable (like under drivers rocker carpet)? I am stuck without the manual and the GM dealer wants $38-76 to look at it.

Steve Collins
Clarksville, TN
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I would think the cable would have to have adjustment some where. Make sure you run down the cable end to end.
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the drums may have an outer wear lip that wont allow you to adjust and then reinstall its just something to check
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According to autozone.com at http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?ForwardPage=/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/0e/5e/14/0900823d800e5e14.jsp:

"1993-98 vehicles do not require parking brake cable adjustment. A mechanism in the lever/pedal assembly automatically adjusts the cables. If the parking brake is not functioning properly, check the rear shoes for proper adjustment. The cables may also may be stretched beyond service limits, requiring replacement."

Something could be wrong with the automatic adjuster or the cable needs replacement.
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Thumbs up Thanks all

I think just the same I'll drop a thermite grenade in the front seat and call the insurance company.
Seriously, thanks for your replies, I'm going to dig into it tomorrow again and lift the driver's seat and track all the way from the mechanism to the rear end, (if I cant see any adjustment or defect in the pedal assy)
Or I'll just get her a block of tapered wood to leave behind the driver's seat.
Appreciate it all, I'll try to figure the problem and get back to yall with the final resolution.

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