Power Steering Pump?


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Question Power Steering Pump?

Power steering is out on a 2000 Grand Am 6cyl. Can't find any information from local library on this part. I found rebuilt pump at parts house, less reservoir.
Never attacked the power steering system on any vehicle, been lucky so far.

Does anyone have any idea on where to find on-line information on the replacement of pwr steering pump and/or a couple pwr steering hoses if needed, how to bleed system of air, etc. Maybe this is not for the backyard mechanic?
Any advice will be a great help..

Thanks in advance,
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How did you troubleshoot your problem to the pump?

I would recommend either getting a Chiltons or Haynes manual for the repair.

You could also subscribe to alldatadiy.com

I paid 24.00 for a great electronic repair manual.
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More Details-Power Steering

Power Steering stopped working, after cold snap below zero F.
Reservoir has bubbles, fluid is up to proper level. I do not see any fluid leaking from power steering pump, fittings or hoses, no fluid leaks below engine.
(I should have put this information in first post, excuse my brain lapse)

I have located used steering pump from salvage yard, $40 whole assembly, pully & reservoir included, thinking of replacing myself if no special tools needed, looked for Chiltons & Motors manuals for the Grand Am, not finding in library, maybe all check out this week?
Son is still making very short trips with car, 2 miles or so, it is drivable, no power steering is only problem.
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Here's '85-'98; possibly your 2000 is pretty close:

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Red face Thanks!

Thats more information than I had before... I tried Autozone site earlier, and all I found was info on a Sunfire,, I should have tried a different year other than 2000.

Chiltons, the large book, from 2001 had absolutely no information on any power steering pumps. Maybe its not enough work to include the process in Chiltons? Mechanics I have estimates from call for a 2 hour job, $175 just for labor!

Thanks for the help, this forum is really great!

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