1992 Ford Taurus anti lock light

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1992 Ford Taurus anti lock light

I have a 1992 Ford Taurus the anti lock yellow light comes on at times and will stay on then it wont for few days .

any help out here pro's?

exactly what is this antilock mean anyways.

Thank you all
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This is a anti-lock brake caution light. It means something is wrong with the anti lock brakes, either a sensor or something else.

You will still have normal braking, but just no ABS braking.

If you are not familiar with ABS, I suggest you bring it to a mechanic.

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ABS system

When the ABS light is ON there is a code in the system. That will help diagnosis the problem.
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Be sure to check the level in the brake reseroir first; not positive, but I think a low level may light the light as well as other faults in the system.
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My ABS light comes an goes. The problem is sensor for the ABS. Actually, I was told 3 of the 4 sensors were bad. At over $200 a pop I deal with the light coming on occassionally.

Actually, it used to be on almost all the time and now it seems to come on maybe once every couple months. Guess it depends on what the sensor wires are touching.
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Not sure if this will work on your car, but it worked on my moms 92 Astro van. I checked the codes using a paper clip, and i had 5 different codes show up. I think my Astro van had a glich in the ABS computer. After that i cleared then from the ABS Computer. Has never came on since then.

Here is a way to check the codes and clear them.

To check the codes do this:Turn the ignition on. Use a paper clip, connect ALDL (Black box underneath the dash) connector terminal "H" to terminal "A"

Turn the ignition on. Using a paper clip, connect ALDL connector terminal "H" to terminal "A" for 2 seconds. Remove paperclip for one sec. Do this twic. Remove the paper clip. The codes are cleared when the ANTILOCK an BRAKE lights come on then turn off.

If this worked, take it for a drive and you should be able to hear it kick in after 8 MPH, i heard mine kick in after i drove it.

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