93 lexus gs300 cold start question


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93 lexus gs300 cold start question

my 93 gs300 all of a sudden doesn't start with out a jump
let me explain i put in a new die hard battery last summer
could it be because it sits in my garage for a few days with out starting
let me remind you it's very cold in my garage
i cleaned the terminals checked to see if the terminals were tight
could it be a loose connection?
the battery is only a few month old and never did this in the summer
i don't drive the car often and when i jump it it starts right away
what could be the problem?
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Okay, you cleaned the terminals at the battery, but did you clean the other of the cables? Disconnect the positive terminal at the battery, then follow the cable to the other end - usually at the starter solenoid. Remove it and clean it and any other wire terminals that mount there. Reassemble and snug the nut- do not over tighten - and hook up the battery end. Wouldn't hurt to do the same cleaning job to the body end of the negative cable.

Over the years, corrosion and greasy dirt form an insulator and the cleanup restores a good electrical path.

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