97 Bonneville SSE / Heater wont Blow air


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97 Bonneville SSE / Heater wont Blow air

I do not have any heat blowing in my 97 Bonneville sse. I have had 3 occassions over the last month where it overheated (circulation of the antifreeze and water in radiator i think was the cause of this problem) as it usually happened when my car was stopping and starting in traffic for a long period of time or idling for long periods. I put a new thermostat in my car and it seemed to fix the overheating problem as i let the car run for approximately 25 minutes and no overheating happened like it was doing before and i did not here any gurgling sound after i turned the engine off as i did hear previously. I thought this might be part of the HEATER problem as i did have occassions where my heater would come on and then it would shut back off. Lately though it don't come on at all defroster etc. I tried to locate the fuse to see if that was the problem but the shematic diagram of my fuse box on the underside of the cover is not easy to read ( i don't see a heater spot on it unless defogger is the fuse location). I also thought that their might be a short also. Could someone help me or give me some ideas on what i should check and also what location of the fuse box holds the heater fuse (A5 for example) if someone has a way of knowing this information. Please Help. Wayne
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You don't have an owner's manual in your glove box? If you do, it should show a picture, one would think, of every fuse location and amp rating.
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It will most likely be a green 30amp fuse labeled "blower motor."

Have you done a full coolant flush?

When vehicle is at operating temperature, feel the two heater hoses going into the firewall into the heater core. If these are BOTH hot, you have a blend door/mode door actuator problem. If one hose is hot, the other cool, the you have a clog in the coolant system.

Hopefully you do not have a head gasket leak.
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I had a similar problem with a 95` GRAND AM. I had good coolant circulation and I could hear the blower motor run but I did not get air in the car. After extensive component checks and trials I found that the A/C core located rihgt over the heater core was clogged with debree, somewhat like a really old air filter and prevented the air from blowing through the heater core and into the inside of the car. I pulled the firewall cover to get acces to the core and cleaned it up the best I could with a small brush and shop vac. This solved my problem. Hope it helps you. Good luck.

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