78 351m still probs


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78 351m still probs

her we go again.the prob is the engine rotates but does not crank.it tries to fire in the run position,when i let off the key.I've changed out the ign.modual,the pick up stat,the egn. switch,and the cylinder.I,ve just noticed gas coming from the bottom of the carb.on the passenger side.actually from the linkage.its a drip.I'm thinking about using it as a ignition starting point with a match. Anyway,i'm stumped again.oh yea, when i installed the pick up stat. the engine fired up on the first try,in the start position.has done nothing since but rotate.ANY IDEAS????????
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Check the timing. Timing chain on the cam could have jumped time. With that old of an engine and a ton of miles.
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Disconnect the POSITIVE wire on the ignition coil. Tape the metal with electric tape so it dont short out anyplace.
Buy or make a jumper wire ling enough to go from the ignition coil POSITIVE terminal to the battery positive terminal.
Connect the jumper to the BATTERY POSITIVE first and then to the IGNITION COIL POSITIVE TERMINAL. (This is to avoid any sparks near the battery and resultant explosion)
Try to start the car.
If it starts and runs,get back to us.
Remove jumper wire after trial test

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Originally Posted by fordf150351m View Post
...the engine rotates but does not crank...
Just to be clear
You can rotate the engine (by hand) but it won't crank (using the starter)?

Or it cranks (turns over) using the starter, but won't run ("catch" and run on it's own)?

Originally Posted by fordf150351m View Post
it tries to fire in the run position,when i let off the key.
The starter motor engages and tries to turn the engine over with the key in the "run" postition?

Or when trying to start it in the "start postion" it cranks (turns over) but won't run, and when you let the key back into the "run" postion, it seems like it's more likely to run...but doesn't

Sorry to be picky, but the answers would mean real different things to look at next

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