99 Mountaineer- front end squeak


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99 Mountaineer- front end squeak

I have a 99 Mountaineer AWD. I have been aware of what I believe to be a wheel bearing going bad for a while that I have yet to replace. But today, with no warning at all a squeak developed in the driver side front suspension. This squeak is can be heard when the front end is bounced up and down, but also when the steering wheel is turned left or right. It sounds basically just like bouncing up and down on an old mattress spring. It does not sound to me to be a spring in this case, sounds to be directly near the rim, and or tie rods, ball joint location. I'm now worried to drive this truck anymore, can anyone advise on the likely culprit and if it's safe to drive for service?

I have heard the same exact sound on a 1968 mustang I used to own but it was only up and down action that creaked, not steering left or right. The issue with that car was using a torch in the front shock towers to make a hole to get to grease fittings and filling them with grease.
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Welcome to the woderful world of Ford.............If you look under your truck, specifically the ball joints, you'll probably see that the boots holding the grease in have shredded...........grease gets out.....dirt and water get in..........Voila!!! all kinds of grunts and groans.............VERY common problem in the Explorer Ranger series

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