92 Ford F150 Clutch and brake pedals disappear and re-appear!


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92 Ford F150 Clutch and brake pedals disappear and re-appear!

Help...I have a 1992 ford f150 4.9 in-line 6 cyl. 5 sp Manual. Clutch pedal would fall to the floor. Mechanic Blead "excessive amount of air" from Master and Slave Cylinders. Clutch was ok, when I started to hear a loud "ticking" noise coming from the front of the engine.The noise was intermittent and would decrease or go away when very slight pressure was applied to clutch pedal. While driving on my way back to the Mechanic, the Brake pedal went soft and barely stopped the truck. The rest of the Trip had about 10 regular brakes and 3 pedal to the floor stops. Mechanic said "no way is this related to earlier clutch work" and that he would check it out. Called me back and said Master Cyl on the Brakes needs replacing and the "noise" was my Harmonic Balancer, which had "failed and also needed replacing" Is this common? What else could it be? are they related in any way? please help
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harmonic balancer failing- very uncommon. I think I have had , hhmmm, 0 go bad on me although it seems like I have replaced a few in my lifetime for other folks.

chances of both master cyl's goingout at the same time, hhhhmmmm, near 0.

Has anybody put any fluid in the cyl's recently. I would supect improper fluid that may have damaged both.

are any of these things related?

unless somebody put wrong fluid in the master cylinders, there is nothing in common in any of the items involved.

You have a 15 year old truck. Maybe things are simply wearing out.

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