Starter motor to starter solenoid wire

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Starter motor to starter solenoid wire


Plymouth Voyager 1993 V6 3.0L - Starter motor to starter solenoid wire. 131000/KM

It failed to start last Thursday and had to get it towed to my mechanic. I usually do all I can myself but at -30 Celsius in brown slush in Montreal isn't really a whole lot of fun.

Diagnosis is a faulty starter.

After a few days of trying to sell it (don't want to sell it, I'm left with no wheels, can't afford another car) I decided to go back to the van in the mechanic's parking and slip under the van. I clearly saw that the wire ( field terminal? not sure the name ) that connects the positive current between the starter motor and the starter solenoid corroded and broke off. I said to myself why not try to start it by jamming a screwdriver to make the contact between the solenoid and starter motor. Called a friend to turn the key since I couldn't manage to get the screwdriver that made the contact stay in place. This worked well and started until the second time I tried ( stupid me put the screwdriver in the oil filter by accident piercing it, details, details, needed an oil change anyways ). I stopped there, was satisfied that my trusty old rag had started.

Told the mechanic about it and he said there was no way to solder a new wire between the starter motor and starter solenoid. The way I look at it is if I can start it by creating a contact with a metal object I should be able to solder it or clip it somehow. He says this wire goes right in the starter and there's no way out. Anyone experienced this sort of issue? Any suggestions, I'm ultra out of cash, cheap solutions most welcome. Don't get me wrong I do trust and respect my mechanic but still trying to save the 1 1/2 hr of labor. Looked at some starter repair kits but this involves removing the starter. Anyone ever soldered this or clipped it?

Another question is there a way to find out if it's a Bosch or NipponDenso ( Denso ) without actually reading the part ( do not have access to vehicle right now )?

Thanks for all your help in advance, much appreciated.

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Be carefull

Let me see..
I take it that the mechanic diagnoised it as a starter problem
Then you seen a bad wire.
So why not replace the cable assembly
Shorting it out like that will leave the drive engaged and take out the starter and possibly the flywheel. Big bill then.
I know what it is like to be broke and have a problem in the worst weather.
I live in Canada also. Just North of Toronto.
I love Montreal.
I use to unload there on a regular basis when I worked on a fuel tanker.
I had a bicycle and would bike all over that fantastic city. I love Quebec also.
Now back to your problem
Is it the large wire or small wire at the starter that is broken.
Please get that info back ASAP

Also please be very carefull shorting the starter out like that, being it bypasses the safety systems and the vehicle can start in gear, thus running over any body under it.
Should be able to fix it cheap if you give us the info and are willing or able to do some work youself.
I will check this post thru the day.

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