leaking water pump


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leaking water pump

I have just recently replaced the radiator, thermostat, uper and lower hoses on my 97 jeep wrangler sport, 5-spd,4.0, w/ac. This morning I noticed smoke coming from my engine compartment, opened it up and found what appears to be the water pump leaking, a lot. I refilled the radiator to limp home, On the way the heater never did blow hot. I know I need to replace the water pump, but need to know if anything else might be a problem. I hate to tear it down twice, but a third time would be terrible.

thanks for any advice you might have for me.

P.S. Yes, i know the thermostat was installed in the right direction.
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My first thought would be the thermostat was in backwards, but if it got up to operating temp that would not be the case. Pumps with a lot of miles on them often start leaking when the system is flushed. It is a good idea to replace the pump when doing a lot of coolong system work. Same thing for cars that require timing belt replacement, replace the pump also, you already have half the engine torn down and it has 90K+ on it.
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But just to be sure, double check all the hose connections and clamps for security. At 10+ years old the water pump is probably due regardless, if it is original.
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4.0 water pump

you lost your heat because of low coolant & air got into the system replace your leaking pump & when you refill your system take off the heater hose on the top of the engine and fill system untill coolant comes out this will help to get rid of air lock
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Tow guy knows

I would double check all clamps to make sure they are tight. Reason is because you just worked on them and might have missed one or not tightened one all the way.

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