Help 95 Sunfire Coolant Smell In Car

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Help 95 Sunfire Coolant Smell In Car

I just had a bunch of work done to my car and now it is losing lots of water and the inside of the car smells like coolant cant afford another mechanic bill please help and input would be great
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Coolant Leaks

Most of the time the coolant odor in the car is caused by a leaky heater core, water dripping inside the heater box. Is there any sign of coolant in the interior on the rugs near the fire wall or on the floor infront of the front seats?
A coolant leak in the engine compartment could also be the cause. When you turn on the heater blower fan you could be drawing in the odor.
If you are not familiar with this then you should have the car checked by a competent mechanic. If it needs a heater core, thats not a job for the inexperienced.
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If it's a heater core it may not "leak" inside the car if the plenum it's encased in is sealed well........You'll notice the coolant leak coming from the A/C drain in the front of the firewall. Check all hoses/water pump/radiator first to be sure its NOT something related to the original repair..........THEN........

The heater core (O.E.) has plastic tanks/necks that are attached to an aluminum body.........It's NOT all that difficult to extract if you'r built like "gumby" or have a friend who is........
First...Remove the center console, giving you access to the bottom of the center of the dash...........Looking under there(here's where the flexability issue arises)you'll see a squarish cover held on by several 1/4 in or 5.5mm screws.........Remove the screws and the cover SHOULD come out You will now be looking at the heater core .......held in place by 2 straps, 4 more screws..........Remove the heater hoses from outside, remove the screws, remove the heater core..........NOTE the necks will rotate so be sure you note which direction when installing the new one
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turn on the heat

Turn on the heat with the windows closed. Does your windshield fog up? if so a heater core is leaking. Not a fun job to repair.

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