1993 Ford Taurus won't start! could be a # of problems


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1993 Ford Taurus won't start! could be a # of problems

First off, thanks for even having this site! So the car won't start a lot more than it would not before. You can hear clicks from the relay. The battery is fine because everything turns on, but the car does not turn over at all. Sometimes, when it does turn over and starts, I get a scratchy sound from the area around the relay. I checked for loose wires and at one time, when my girlfriend tried starting the car, I hear the clicks coming from around the relay, so I kind of messed with the wires and it started. Any ideas? I would bring to a mechanic but I do not have the money to have them check out what could be a number of problems. I read that it could be the relay, but then it could also be the ignition coil, etc. Anybody have any problems like this? ANY help would be great! Thanks!

- Tony
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Welcome to the forums Tony

You said you checked the wires, did you also check to see if they were making a good clean contact? I'd start by verifing that the wires are good and making a GOOD connection.
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Scratch the ignition coil; it won't prevent cranking.

I would also have the battery actually checked. It takes a very, very small amount of power to run the radio, lights, warning chimes, etc, but a whole BUNCH of power to crank the engine.

As per Mark's suggestion, I think I would actually disconnect the terminals (at the battery and at the starter relay), clean them up with a piece of sandpaper or a wire brush, and reconnect. Also, take a good look at the battery terminals; if either one is one of those bolt-on replacement ends, they are notorious for corroding up and making a bad connection.
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no start

i have had a few fords and all were very bad for dirty bat ends clean weather you see anything or not if don't help rep the relay
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Don't forget the to clean the cable ends at the solenoid and starter also.

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