1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical problem

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1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical problem

My son is in San Antonio and woke up to a dead Jeep this morning. The alarm needs to be reset and he doesn't know the procedure on how to do it. He doesn't have an owners manual to explain what is wrong with his Jeep. The battery is down after the emergency lights and center console lights stayed on all night. They cannot jump the jeep off. It sounds like an alarm system malfunction occurred, since he did not turn on the emergency flashers or the center console lights. They are trying to jump start the car, but the emergency flaher lights and center console lights refuse to shut off. When he gets enough juice in to jump the Jeep on the jumpstart, the alarm sounds, thus draining the electrical system. Any help would be appreciated at this point!

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There is no keyfob?

Follow these steps:

NOTE: This information applies to a Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) that was armed when the battery was disconnected and reconnected.

When the armed VTSS senses that the battery has been disconnected and reconnected, it enters its power-up mode. In the power-up mode the alarm system remains armed following a battery failure or disconnect. If the VTSS was armed prior to a battery disconnect or failure, the system will have to be actively or passively disarmed following a battery reconnection.

The power-up mode will also apply if the battery goes dead while the system is armed and battery jump-starting is attempted. The engine no-run feature will prevent the engine from starting until the alarm system has been actively or passively disarmed.

Passive disarming of the Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) occurs when the vehicle is unlocked using the key to unlock either front door or the lift gate. Active disarming of the VTSS occurs when the vehicle is unlocked by depressing the Unlock button of the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter.

Once the alarm has been activated (horn sounding, lights flashing, and the engine no-run feature), either disarming method will deactivate the alarm.

Depressing the Panic button (if equipped) on the RKE transmitter will also disarm the VTSS, but the horn will sound and the lights will flash for about three minutes as part of the Panic feature. The horn and lights can be stopped by pressing any of the RKE transmitter's buttons or driving the vehicle above 15 mph.

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