1995 Grand Marquis water pump


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1995 Grand Marquis water pump

Can anyone help me with this..My car has a bad water pump and I want to change it myself but dont know anything about cars...First off is this a easy part to change?...Second Where is it located?...Can sumone please help me
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If you "don't know anything about cars", this may be too tough a job to start learning. Any job like this can get easily discouraging to someone who's not used to wrenching. Though I'll admit I started changing water pumps two years after starting to wrench. If you have the tools and decide to go ahead and try it anyway, budget at least two days for the job.
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Ok thanks...I have plenty of time to learn because I refuse to go to the shop they trying to charge to much $350.00 just for labor and I have to buy the part myself ....and I dont them anymore I brought my Taurus to them to change the water pump now it dont run at all now...So I'd rather mess my car up myself lol
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The good news is that water pumps on rear wheel drive vehciles, like yours, are much easier to work on then the front wheel drive stuff. This isn't the most comprehensive instructions I've seen, but it'll help:


You might pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual if you're going to be doing much diy stuff on it.

Be sure to lubricate the new o-ring on the replacement pump if it's a 4.6L engine. The procedure in the link says use antifreeze (which is slippery). If it uses a gasket be meticulous about cleaning the mating surface on the block of any old gasket material. Do not use any RTV-type sealant. A little contact cement to hold it in place is okay.
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You can do it. Get a Haynes manual ( absolutely necessary for any beginner) and keep up with the location of each bolt you take out. You will think you can remember where everything goes back to but you won't so take pictures or draw diagrams or something. I'm not sure if it's the same but I just changed a water pump on a Town Car and a few tips are 1. The fan actualy threads off the shaft of the water pump so break this loose before removing the serpentine belt. 2. Remove the four bolts holding on the pulley before removing the serpentine belt. This will help to keep it from turning. You can also take a screwdriver or prybar and place it between one of the bolts and the pulley for leverage to hold the pulley in place to break one of the other bolts loose. 3. Be very carefull when draining the antifreeze from the radiator the petcock is very easy to break so be gentle. 4. After removing all the bolts the water pumps on these cars are fairly dificult to remove. Corrosion and water deposits seem to make them stick so be sure all bolts are loose then be persistent. Let us know how it goes.

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