need help with my 1998 subaru forester

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Exclamation need help with my 1998 subaru forester

I recently had a new clutch put in my forester and it was driving fine. I was out of state and when i hit the clutch the pedal did not come back, to add to it the gas pedal was solid, so the clutch and pedal were not connected and the gas pedal was unresponsive, I am assuming that they are part of the same hydraulic system or something. any help? thanks
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The clutch could have lost all of it's fluid in the master cylinder of the clutch not the brakes. Check the master cylinder for fluid and if empty fill and bleed the air out of the line. How to bleed the master cylinder--you will have to get a bleed kit that will consist of some clear tubing and a adapter with a nipple that the tubing will slide on to. The adapter will screw into the master cylinder after removing the steel line from the master cylinder. After the adapter and clear tubing have been installed put the other end of the tubing in the where you put the fluid. Have someone work the clutch petal all the way down and back up all the way. The tubing may need to be shorten if all the air is not pushed out when the petal is at the floor board. Work the petal until no more air comes out of the tubing. Remove the adapter and hookup the steel line to the clutch cylinder. Top off the master cylinder with fluid then there should be a bleeder valve on the cylinder at the clutch. Follow the steel line from the master cylinder down the the clutch cylinder. The clutch petal should be in the up position, then have someone push the clutch petal to the floor board and hold it down. Open the bleeder valve on the clutch cylinder to bleed off air. When air an fluid stops coming out close the bleeder valve. If there is a leak of fluid some where it should show up. Then have the person holding the petal down pull the petal up. Continue to do these step until no air comes out of the clutch cylinder.

If the master cylinder is full or has maybe less than 1/2 the amount of fluid in it the master cylinder or the clutch cylinder is bad. If the clutch cylinder is bad there should be some sign of fluid that has been leaking on or around it. If the master cylinder is bad there my not be any sign of a leak and it there is a leak it would be where the master cylinder bolts to the firewall.

If the clutch cylinder is bad and you still have fluid in the master cylinder you will not have to bleed the master cylinder just the clutch cylinder after replacing. If the master cylinder is bad you Will have to bleed it all.

One final note when bleeding the system make sure that the master cylinder does no run dry of fluid. Keep in mind that the fluid could or will destroy paint.
Not sure that you use brake fluid in this system. To be sure check the owners manual or dealer.

As far as the gas petal the linkage or cable has something that has got on, kinked, or the cable need to be lubed. It could be the throttle body that has a problem.

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