Fuel leak near the fuel filter


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Fuel leak near the fuel filter

On my 1993 Dodge Dakota I have a slight fuel leak near the fuel filter. It appears to be where the rubber tubing meets the metal gas line. I think I can replace it but I am not sure about the connection to the metal line. The rubber tubing goes from the fuel filter and then seems to be crimped with a metal band on the metal gas line. Can just this part (rubber tubing and metal band) be purchased and installed? It is not a hose clamp. I don't know if I need a special crimper?
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hose clamp

I would replace the rubber tube and just use a good hose clamp. The crimp clamp is someting the factory uses to save time.
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2 things.....#1 is be sure the hose you're going to use is rated for fuel injection ............Standard "fuel line" is rated for the output of a mechanical pump (approx % lb)...........Electric fuel pumps put out considerably more.
#2 is .There are several kinds of clamps.........The usual worm gear, which although it's easy to use, can loosen over time. They make screw tight clamps specifically for fuel injection issues.........That's where you wanna go!!

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