how do I switch from 2WD to FWD


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how do I switch from 2WD to FWD

I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota. I'm guessing its 4WD as it says 4X4 on the side of the truck. Theres a dial that says 2WD 4LOCK 4LO are any of these 4WD.I could not find it in the manual. Maybe I was not looking in the right place.Any ideas.
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it really shoudl be inthe manual but regardless, the 4lock and the 4lo are both 4 wheel drive.\

The 4 lo is a very low gearing for pulling stumps (just kidding) but it is for slow typically off road use.

I would look through the manual again. I am not familiar with dodge. Most vehicles have procedures as to when you can shift it into and out of 4wd that need to be followed.
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Hello.I found it in the manual. It says I can switch from 2WD to 4HI while either parked or in motion.As for 2LO that can only be done while in park or neutral and to not exceed 25 miles MPH while activated and I can only use 4HI and 4LO on either loose or wet roads not on dry roads as it could cause excesses tire wear and damage to the drive system.Thanks for your help .
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Newer chevy trucks will engage the 4Hi on any gear while driving, they also come with a 3rd option called " 4 Auto" that will automatically engage the front axle as needed on wet or mud conditions.
4Lo is only available while parked or in neutral.
Have fun with it I sure do ,also, if you do your own oil changes check transfer case fluid once in a while and remember to lube all those extra zerk fittings, they usually do it for you if you take it to a qualified shop.
One last thing you have to always have the same tire sizes at all times on all wheels, otherwise you can really mess the transfer case.

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